Pharmaceutical division of Medicina Health Care is a fast growing arm of the company with various products for Specialty Hospitals, Polyclinics, Pharmacies etc.

Our product range is quite diversified covering the therapeutic segments like Cardiovascular ,GIT and metabolism, NASAIDS, Anti obesity , Probiotics, , Anti bacterial, Anti histamines and lot of other quality generics.

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Medical Devices & Supplies

The medical devices & supplies Division of Medicina healthcare

• HM CAST& HM SPLINT : The 1st cast & splint in the world made of special material that allows great water and air circulation .

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Many of today’s chronic health conditions and diseases are caused in large part by the unhealthy lifestyle choices we make.

These include risks for cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and cholesterol; insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes; hormone imbalances, metabolic syndrome; conditions related to being overweight or obese; low energy and fatigue.

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HM Cast and Splint

HM CAST is the first orthopedic cast method in the world made from special material that allows water and air circulation. The HM CAST is specially developed to solve out the problems that occurred from existing cast products, achieving better ventilation, more durable, lighter weight, and excellent penetration for X-rays.
HM SPLINT is a new method of splint, much smoother than the existing glass fiber splint. The HM SPLINT is a splint designed to provide a better elasticity and skin protection, thanks to its special mesh fabric impregnated with resin and covered with span polar fleece on both sides.
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